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Six Month Smiles®
Six Month Smiles® can be a great way for patients to quickly & discreetly beautify their smile & take care of tooth alignment issues.
Six Month Smiles®
When considering orthodontic treatment, a person’s appearance during treatment can be just as important as their appearance once treatment is complete. Even then, the time it takes to complete the treatment should be as little as possible. Six Month Smiles® provides the best of both worlds.
Six Month Smiles® can do the work that traditional braces can do, such as moving teeth vertically (such as canines that erupted too high), where clear aligners may not be enough. One of the best parts is all that versatility is barely noticeable.
What Is Six Month Smiles®?
Six Month Smiles® is an alignment process for those 16 or older with crooked, spaced or misaligned teeth that takes an average of only six months to complete. Clear braces & tooth-colored wires are used to bring teeth into their correct position to give you a perfect smile. This can be more than a year faster than traditional braces. This low average time is achieved by using the latest advances in orthodontic techniques & the special design of Six Month Smiles®.
The Advantages of Six Month Smiles®
Similar to traditional braces, Six Month Smiles® can align teeth for a more pleasing smile while correcting issues that can cause discomfort or difficulty biting & eating. Cross bites, crooked teeth & teeth that are too high or low in the gums can all be fixed, as can spacing issues, whether too close, too far apart or both.
Unlike aligners, it’s easy to keep up with treatment, as the braces are not removable by the patient, which means no forgetting to put them in or losing them, which can also be pricey. Since aligners typically need to be in for 22 hours a day, the difference in time is fairly negligible.
Procedure Overview
Your dentist will place the braces on using clear brackets and adhesive, then use clear bands that will begin moving your teeth in the correct direction. In the first month, movement will begin & you will start to see the difference. Initially, you may experience mild discomfort as your mouth adapts to the treatment but this should only last a few days.
Each month should bring noticeable changes. You will need to go into your dentist for an adjustment between three & seven times over the course of the treatment, depending on how much of your smile is being perfected. By month five, the treatment should be nearly complete & your new smile should be shaping into what you & your dentist worked out during your initial visit.
When the six months are over, it’s time to enjoy your new smile. Afterward, you will need to wear a retainer in order to maintain the work done by the braces. How often & how long you will need to wear your retainer varies based on the amount of movement your teeth underwent during treatment. Your dentist will give you instructions based on your treatment.
Ask your dentist whether Six Month Smiles® is right for you & if your insurance will cover any of the cost.