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Migraine Relief
Migraines & headaches can be caused by a variety of factors, including joint & muscle tension. Dentists can help treat migraines & headaches with custom mouthguards.
While the factors that contribute to migraines vary from emotional triggers, hormonal changes & dietary factors, some people experience migraines due to muscle tension in the face & jaw, which is caused by teeth clenching.
Migraines are often treated with pain medication, but migraines caused by teeth clenching & muscle tension can be treated with a custom mouthguard from your dentist that eases muscle tension in your jaw. By reducing the intensity of muscle contraction as you clench your teeth, the device helps eliminate the muscle tension that can cause migraines & headaches. These mouthguards can also help treat tooth wear caused by clenching & muscle pain associated with TMD or abnormal jaw function.
What Are Migraines?
Migraines are characterized by severe throbbing pain, usually in one area of the head. They can be accompanied by nausea & vomiting, as well as sensitivity to light & sound. Migraines can last for several days, & for some people, they can interfere with daily activities.
Treatment Overview
Talk to your dentist if you’re experiencing migraines. They will be able to see if a custom mouthguard could help alleviate your symptoms.

Getting a custom mouthguard from your dentist is easy & simple! Your dentist will take some quick measurements & an impression of your teeth. Then, your device will be ready in about two weeks, & you’ll be able to try on the device & your dentist will make any necessary adjustments before your mouthguard is ready to go!