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OralVital Testing
Oravital testing is a comprehensive exam that is recommended for those with chronic conditions & as a preventative treatment. This pain-free procedure includes a laboratory analysis that can give you & your dentist a clear picture of the biological makeup of your mouth.
What Is OralVital Testing?
During oralvital testing, your dentist will take a saliva sample that will be sent to a lab where microbial examination will reveal the presence of bacteria in your mouth. As each person is different, this will provide valuable insight into certain risk factors & overall oral health.
The test is fast & painless. A swap is used to collect the sample. There are no needles. Your dentist will send the sample immediately & a follow-up appointment will be made to discuss results. Results are usually available somewhere between a few days to two weeks. While the test involves an outside lab, you won’t have to visit anyone but your dentist.
Results of the test are clearly explained by your dentist & a treatment plan can be collaboratively created. Combined with other information your dentist has, a more complete picture of your health can better direct your approach to improving your oral health. Treatment plans can include hygiene recommendations, targeted therapies & dietary instructions.
Reasons to Consider Care
There are many benefits to oralvital testing, so a broad range of people may benefit from adding this to their treatment plan.
Getting tested is a great step toward proactively caring for your teeth. Detecting bacteria can be similar to early detection of problems that might otherwise persist & damage teeth, resulting in more costly treatments down the road.
With oralvital testing, your dentist can better direct your hygiene habits. From cleaning schedules to identifying buildups & areas to better target with brushing, this test can indicate an optimal path forward that is tailor-made for each patient.
Oralvital testing can also help resolve chronic issues, such as bad breath (halitosis), gum disease & tooth & oral decay. Knowing the types of bacteria in your mouth can lead to a better remedy as your dentist will have a clear idea of what harmful bacteria needs to be removed.
Customizing your treatment plan based on test results can lead to a proper balance of your mouth’s biome. Your mouth has good & harmful bacteria, so creating a good balance is important. Keeping the proper levels of good bacteria aids in digestion & preventing disease. Stabilizing your oral biome is part of maintaining homeostasis—your body’s natural healthy state.
Oralvital testing is just part of your dentist’s examination toolkit. A regular hygiene exam & x-rays can also be done to identify areas that need immediate attention, such as cavities—or caries as they are sometimes called. Your dentist can also perform an oral cancer screening. Talk to your dentist to see what types of preventive testing & exams are best for your oral health needs.
If you have more questions on oralvital testing, talk to your dentist. They will be able to explain in detail how oralvital testing may benefit you & set up a convenient appointment.